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Upgrading to Cloud Director 10.3 fails – Turn off “Accept all certificates” for LDAP

VMware Cloud Director (formerly VMware vCloud Director for Service Providers) introduces new security measures which cannot be bypassed anymore. In previous versions of VMware Cloud Director it was possible to automatically trust all certificates for LDAP connections with SSL enabled automatically. This is not possible anymore and can cause your upgrade to fail. VMware provides…

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Identify SSL VPN Plus on NSX-V Edges

End of support for VMware NSX for vSphere (NSX-V) is getting closer and one of the features not being supported on NSX-T anymore is the still widely used SSL VPN Plus component. How to configure new solutions for Remote Access is described in VMware's whitepaper «VMware Cloud Director Remote Access VPN Integration Guide» but the…

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VMware Cloud Director - Virtual Machine Remote Console (VMRC) connectivity issues

Once again I came across the issue with VMRC (VMware Remote Console) when implementing a new VMware Cloud Director environment. As usual I went through the list of KB Articles from VMware and the Community to check whether anyone experienced this same issue before. Unfortunately none of the threads found helped and also all topics…

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