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Managed GitLab hosting from Switzerland

Realize the full potential of the DevSecOps platform with our managed hosting, to develop your software faster and safer. Without additional effort and at transparent costs.

Swiss Cloud Infrastructure

30+ resellers and end customers with over 12’000 users trust us

GitLab combined with Swiss Cloud & DevOps expertise

In contrast to GitLab's SaaS solution, with us your data stays in Switzerland. We provide and support the required computing and storage resources and Infometis supports you with the optimal configuration. This means your team can fully focus on their work.

Develop software even faster and more securely

With the DevSecOps platform from GitLab

100% Switzerland

GitLab is hosted by us in Swiss data centers and managed for you.


We provide the servers, operate and update the software and help you get the most out of the DevSecOps platform.

Cloud native

GitLab is accessible to you and your employees anytime, anywhere via the cloud.

Built-in security

Security is a primary focus of GitLab. Rather than being an add-on, security features are core elements of the software.


Transparent costs and monthly payments for your GitLab hosting.


Just hosting, licenses, methodology – you decide.

Your software on Swiss servers

With our Swiss hosting, your data remains yours

GitLab's DevSecOps platform is one of the best in the world. Hosted on our servers in Switzerland, it is the ideal solution for Swiss companies that rely on first-class software and Swiss data sovereignty.

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All features, one DevSecOps platform

Hundreds of best-in-class features and elements across 8 categories combined in just one platform. Benefit from better collaboration, management and overview of your software development cycles.


Flexible portfolio management with epics, groups and milestones. It supports various methodologies, from Waterfall to DevSecOps, and is scalable for teams of any size. 


Create, view, and manage code and project data with powerful branching tools.


Automate the code creation process, integration and review with industry-leading CI tools. 


Integrated, secure container and package registration. It is seamlessly integrated into the source code and CI/CD pipelines.


SAST, DAST, container scanning and dependency scanning, integrated into your development cycle.


Zero-touch continuous delivery (CD) supports automated deployments across multiple environments and strategies such as canary deployment.


Policy, feedback, and analytics tools that help you reduce the severity and frequency of incidents so you can release software frequently and with confidence.


Event audits, compliance and vulnerability management.

Unleash the full potential of GitLab with our partner Infometis

Infometis brings many years of experience in project management and DevOps to support you and your team.

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Empower your developers to perform better

More productivity through one platform

With DORA Metrics, your team can track and manage the entire software development process. Value Stream, Portfolio, OKR and other management modules promote collaboration.

Powerful automations

Save your developers from tedious tasks and reduce cognitive load with GitLab's rich automation features.

Delight your customers with fast & reliable results

Better products

With GitLab you not only develop software faster, but also better and more securely. Integrated error tracking and incident management help you troubleshoot errors.

Increased customer satisfaction

Happier customers thanks to continuous, high-quality software deployment. The recipe for long-term success.

Protect and advance your business

Security and compliance are priorities

At GitLab, security and compliance are top priorities, which is why they are effectively built in rather than added on.

Scalability and cloud

GitLab is easy to scale and can be easily hosted on your own or cloud infrastructure, no vendor lock-in.

Price and hosting information

We offer 3 standard hosting plans that start with just 1 user. For a detailed overview of the current technical specifications and prices, please download our white paper.

A strong partner for your cloud

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