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Backup & Archiving

Data loss that threatens your existence, no danger with Naveum.

cloud backup infrastructure

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Our backup solutions

Microsoft 365

Backup Microsoft 365 data on your own terms. Determine the frequency and retention time of the backups yourself and independently.

Cloud Infrastructure

Operating systems in the cloud does not mean that backups can be neglected. Back up data with the integrated cloud infrastructure backup solution for the cloud computing services hosted by Naveum.

Tape as a service

Cost-efficient long-term storage of your data on a separate medium for even more security. From the cloud, of course. 

Advantages of Naveum's Backup as a Service

Automated backups

Decide what, when and how often the data is backed up. We take care of the rest.

Highest security

The backups are never in the same data centers as the productive systems, but always in our highly secure environment.

Premium Service

Transparent service level agreements (SLAs) / SLA management for best cooperation.

Cost efficient

Investments in hardware and reserve capacities are avoided, you only pay for what you actually need.

trustworthy, consistent, stable

Microsoft 365 Backup

Autonomous configuration

Decide for yourself which data is backed up, how often and how long it is kept. Not only mailboxes but also other Microsoft 365 components such as Sharepoint or MS Teams.

Independent and granular restores

Recover the required data independently via the self-service portal directly from the Naveum storage system.

solid, stable, reliable

Cloud infrastructure backup

Best protection

Your own cloud computing services protected at all times: minimized potential data loss due to human error, cyber attacks or other disasters and protection against lost productivity and reputational damage.

Pay-as-you-go model

We remove the complexity and give you the highest level of security at cost-effective prices.

durable, durable, safe

Tape as a service

Backup on additional medium

Back up your data on a tape medium located in the Naveum data centers for even more security.

Always accessible

The tapes described can be exported for external storage as required.

monitoring and profits

Would you like to secure your sensitive data without great effort?

Benefit from our backup solutions

Secure and cost-efficient backups in Swiss data centers

Backup features

Quotas for cost control

You determine the quota for the backups yourself, so that the costs remain under control at all times.

Prevent data loss

The data is stored on professional dual controller systems and always in a different data center than your productive data.

Easy administration

Web-based, intuitive user portal to manage your backups and independently restore the data you need.

Backup control

You decide independently when and how much is backed up and whether adjustments are necessary. The costs are billed on a daily basis.

A strong partner for your cloud

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