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Hosted monitoring from the Swiss cloud

For IT service providers who want to seamlessly monitor the physical and virtual IT infrastructures of their end customers. At transparent monthly costs.

cloud infrastructure monitoring software

30+ resellers and end customers with over 12’000 users trust us

Monitor systems, devices and applications granularly

Without additional effort and at reasonable prices.

100% Switzerland

The PRTG monitoring software is hosted by us in Switzerland and managed for you.


We provide the servers, operate and update the software and help you make optimal use of the monitoring platform.

Less Downtime

Respond faster and resolve issues before they are discovered by your users with granular monitoring and notifications via email or Microsoft Teams.

Central Overview

All your customers, systems, devices and more in a single web-based monitoring platform.


You can purchase cost-effective packages from us for as little as 100 sensors to efficiently monitor your IT environment.

Hundreds of sensors

With hundreds of sensors including Ping, http, SMTP, FTP, POP3, Packet Sniffing, SQL Sensors for Oracle, MS-SQL and MySQL, IT managers can monitor almost any device.

Best monitoring with PRTG

Monitoring as a Service hosted in Switzerland

Paessler's monitoring software PRTG is one of the best in the world. Hosted on our servers in Switzerland, we offer IT service providers and resellers the ideal mix of first-class software and managed infrastructure for Swiss data sovereignty. This means you can concentrate on your customers while we take care of infrastructure, software and data security.

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Architecture of our cloud-based monitoring solution

Get a comprehensive overview of your customers' IT infrastructure quickly and easily. With hundreds of sensors and remote probes available for local data collection.

cloud-based monitoring architecture

More visibility. Less problems.

Get a comprehensive overview of your customers' IT infrastructure and your own with our hosted monitoring.

More trust through more clarity

Reduced downtime for more customer satisfaction

With our hosted monitoring solution, your IT managers can identify problems earlier and react more quickly.

Transparency increases trust

The monitoring solution allows you to prove your SLAs and give your customers transparent insight into your uptime.

Added value without additional effort

Monitoring as a service

We host the monitoring software in our own cloud, which is hosted entirely in Swiss data centers. We also take care of all updates and provide you with our best practice guides.

Web-based access & multi-channel notifications

No software installation is required. Access the monitoring web UI conveniently via browser. Additionally, you can receive notifications of any problems via email or directly in Microsoft Teams.

Performance & security in one

High availability and performance

Your monitoring instances are hosted on our highly available and powerful servers. We are proud of our exemplary uptime and SLAs.

Compliance and data sovereignty

As an ISO 27001 certified cloud provider, data security is our top priority. By hosting the servers in highly secure Swiss data centers, data sovereignty lies entirely in Switzerland.

Developed for IT service providers

Competitive pricing

Our goal is to give small and medium-sized IT companies access to the best tools. With us you can start with just 100 sensors.

Flexible contracts

With us you can avoid vendor lock-in. No long-term contracts and you only pay for what you really need.

Our support & knowledge

We support and enable your IT managers with best practices, wikis and support to make optimal use of the monitoring solution.


What can monitoring be used for?

Monitor the health and performance of your physical and virtual IT, OT and IoT infrastructures - on-premises or in the cloud. For example, monitor network devices (servers, switches, routers, firewalls), virtual environments, applications, services, websites, operating systems, network traffic, environmental parameters, entire data centers, resource consumption and much more.

Who is Monitoring as a Service suitable for?

Primarily for IT service providers and resellers who manage physical or virtual IT infrastructures for end customers. This solution can also be useful for larger companies with their own IT.

How many sensors do I need per device?

On average, around 8-12 sensors are used per device.

Do I need my own hardware?

To monitor the local infrastructure, all you need is a remote probe in the form of a virtual server that collects the data locally and sends it to our central management server. If you only want to monitor web services that are accessible via the Internet, you can use the existing Naveum infrastructure.

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