Data sovereignty in the cloud: A word of advice from Naveum

In the era of digital transformation, cloud computing has become the backbone of operational efficiency and scalability. But as Swiss companies increasingly move their operations to the cloud, they are facing new challenges in terms of data sovereignty and security. Our latest specialist article in Swiss IT Magazine addresses these important topics and presents a strategic approach to managing your data in the cloud.

Learn how on-premises cloud providers like the Naveum AG with «Swiss Hosted«¬†Infrastructure not only ensures legal compliance, but also a partnership on equal terms - a combination that proves essential in times of global uncertainty.

We show how choosing the right cloud provider can determine the protection of business-critical data and why in the cloud era, trust and local expertise have become crucial factors for companies of all sizes.

Key highlights from the article:

    • Data sovereignty is crucial: When operations and data often cross national borders, it is crucial to ensure that your data is under the jurisdiction that best protects it - a principle that Naveum upholds with our Swiss-based data centers.

    • Trust and partnership: The article highlights the value of a local provider as a partner that is accessible, responsive and committed to solving problems together - qualities that Naveum embodies in our customer relationships.

    • Shared environments and security risks: The size of hyperscalers can attract threats such as a Security incident involving a Microsoft Master Cloud Key shows. In contrast, hybrid cloud offers a combination of public and private clouds that combines the best of both worlds. It combines the scalability of public clouds with the security and control of private clouds.

    • Global vs. Local: While global providers have their advantages, the article argues that local infrastructure offers superior advantages in terms of data sovereignty and compliance, particularly for sensitive data.

    For Swiss companies, the choice of cloud provider is not just a technical decision; it is a strategic one. By choosing Naveum, you gain not just a service provider, but a trusted ally to navigate you through the cloud landscape while ensuring full compliance with Swiss data protection standards.

    Prepare to untangle the complexities of data sovereignty in the cloud and discover the solutions that give Swiss companies competitive advantages on the global stage. Your navigation plan through the labyrinth of data security awaits you - the article is just a Click away!



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